The science of software development is much more complex than dynamics of a factory production system. However still most of the companies execute based on old, hierarchical style of management, applying classic management skills. Managing a software development effort requires understanding human dynamics and creating and following customized schedules to meet the need of specific project. Knowledge and understanding of development paradigms is a must and requires excellent skills to be able to apply them to the project at hand.

RightQuery focuses on processes from the very beginning. We integrate our processes so they do not become a hassle and are seamlessly integrated in the lifecycle of the project. We provide tailored solutions not just considering your project, but also your organization and the people involved.

The 4 main steps are:

Initiation: Step that defines project objectives, deliverables, identifies stake holders and sets the stage for success.

Planning: All the project planning takes place in this step. Planning helps us identify and prioritize.

Execution: This is where we actually do the project work. Execution includes writing code, testing, releasing and several
other tasks.
Last step where project ends and all project deliverables that are not yet delivered are completed. We also archive the needed and formally close the project.

Process relies heavily on flow of right amount of information. Information flow is just as important to Process as oxygen to a human being.

  • Heavy emphasis on automated testing
  • Continuous Integration of code pieces
  • Writing tests with coding
  • Developer Wiki for information sharing
  • Standardized bug tracking like Test Director
  • Document repository
  • Project Portal for collective information

RightQuery understands how each project is unique. We not only focus on technical aspects, but also communication and strive to form a lasting relationship with our customers. We strongly believe in Customer first policy and will go to great lengths to deliver results.
For more information about this process and details about documents and our project sizing matrix please contact us.