Project Flow

Here’s a typical project flow:

  1. First you, our customer make contact about a certain project you have in mind.
  2. We conduct a few meetings to brainstorm and truly understand as much as we can about your project and what is it that you are trying to achieve.
  3. We provide a business proposal outlining what we can do to help and our recommendations on various aspects of the project.
  4. We discuss and finalize the proposal and plan on how the project will be delivered.
  5. We finalize the proposal and sign the contract.
  6. We work with you to design a communications plan, an execution plan and other documents needed for successful delivery of your solution.
  7. We follow our process to build your solution. Please note that the process may be customized to meet your needs. Check out our process information here:
  8. We complete the project and deliver all the deliverables.
  9. We wrap-up and destroy all your data so it cannot be reconstructed at our site unless instructed not to do so.